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The winter 2013 dates are

online entries are now open

Click on the dates above to be taken to the actual event information for that date, or

Scorcher News

Monday September 16th 2013

Dirt Duathlon (Oct 6th) has been cancelled for 2013 due to a lack of entries (6 paid entries one month out compared to 32 at the same time last year)

For those who have entered this event, we will be sending you an email shortly, offering the option of transferring to another Scorcher over summer or refunding your entry fee. – Thank you for your understanding

11am Wednesday September 11th 2013:

Whoops – appears Angel forgot to update this news info – results / photos and points are all updated now, click here for all the links

8am Monday September 9th 2013:

Smouldering Embers Match Report has been posted here
Angel is working on results now


8pm – Tuesday July 30 2013:

Welcome to the Scorching Duathlons

The Scorching Duathlons are a fun and relaxed series designed to suit everybody. The events involve cycling and running for participants and spectators (male, female, young and old) of all abilities. Our focus is on participation, and as such there are no first prizes, but plenty of spot prizes. The Scorching Duathlons are based within the Greater Wellington region, of New Zealand. There are multiple distances offered at each event (short, medium and long) catering for all abilities. You also have the option to complete the event as part of a team (2 or 3 members, we’re not fussy!). We believe good events are those that are professional and well organised. Great events also involve a bit of fun too, which we like injecting in large quantities. We hope you can join us for some Scorcher magic soon.


Scorching Sponsors & Supporters